ProChild Managers for Childhood

ProChild Managers for Childhood

The COVID-19 pandemic and the necessary measures contributed to the emergence or intensification of risk factors for children and families. In the absence of formal and informal support, families tried to respond, in the same space and time, to all their inherent responsibilities. The performance of the different sectors of the community and the work of proximity is absolutely essential to minimize the impact of the pandemic on children and families.

Training of professionals in the education sector in the Municipality of Guimarães as reference figures, in a close work with children and families and in articulation with community responses. This work aimed to:

  1. Establish a supportive relationship, ensuring the physical and emotional comfort of children and families;
  2. Help identify immediate concerns and needs, articulating community responses;
  3. (Re)establish people’s contact with their social support network.

Adelina Pinto | Municipality of Guimarães (coord.)
Marlene Matos | UMinho (coord.)

Alexandra Ribeiro | ProChild CoLAB
Helena Grangeia | ProChild CoLAB
Marlene Sousa | ProChild CoLAB
Patrícia Ferreira | Municipality of Guimarães

Anabela Marques
Bárbara Dimas
Carla Azevedo
Graciete Carvalho
Joana Machado
Liliana Pesqueira
Maria José Costa
Natália Ferreira
Otília Alves
Pedro Camilo
Raquel Lopes
Sandra Silva

ProChild Managers for Childhood
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