First Years First Priority

First Years First Priority

Despite the evidence about its importance, the first years of life receive relatively little attention in politics and public policies. To bridge the gap between what we know about the importance of early childhood and the children’s actual experience, we need to raise awareness about the challenges families face caring for young children, and the policies and interventions that will help to address them.

The campaign First Years First Priority on a national level (part of the European campaign First Years First Priority) aims to raise national awareness and to influence policies and investments on early childhood development field, seen as a key dimension in building a healthier and sustainable society.
The partners involved in this campaign are a national coalition of public, private and social sector entities, including the ProChild CoLAB, with the common goal of standing up for the importance of the first years of life in the personal development throughout the life span.

Isabel Soares (Coord.) | ProChild CoLAB

Raquel Corval | ProChild CoLAB

First Years First Priority
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