ProTraining 0-3

< back to development and education | < back to all projects ProTraining 0-3 Objectives Characterize the training available for professionals who will perform functions in daycare and identify what training needs for which there are already solutions and those that need a response. Team Luisa Barros | ULisboa (Coord.) Joana Cadima | UPorto (Coord.) Ana […]

Moving Kids – Science4you

< back to development and education | < back to all projects Moving Kids – Science4you Objectives Conceptualization, development and adaptation of the Moving Kids toy® to the city of Guimarães for licensing to Science4you, for production and packaging purposes. The toy is aimed at all 4th grade children in public school education in the Municipality […]

Learning is (a) +

< back to Development and Education e Educação | < back to all projects Learning is (a) + Objectives Promote collaborative work between schools and the cultural community, in order to foster initiatives of non-formal education, generating well-being, will for learning and improvements in school success; Promote a greater articulation of artistic, playful and creative […]

Early childhood: Development, Education e Care

< back to development and education | < back to all projects Early childhood: Development, Education e Care Objectives Promote the development and well-being of children between 0 and 3 years old, working with the daycare organization, professionals, families and children through a model of evaluation, intervention and training in daycare, which integrates international recommendations on […]

Project collaboration (FNSBS): First Years First Priority

< back to Development and Education | < back to all projects First Years First Priority Project collaboration (Coord: FNSBS) Objectives ProChild CoLAB collaborates in the First Years First Priorities campaign, within the framework of the national coalition promoted by the Nossa Senhora do Bom Sucesso Foundation (FNSBS), with the aim of promoting the awareness, recognition […]

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