First Years First Priority

< back to Development and Education | < back to all projects First Years First Priority Problem Despite the evidence about its importance, the first years of life receive relatively little attention in politics and public policies. To bridge the gap between what we know about the importance of early childhood and the children’s actual experience, […]

Moving Kids – Science4you

< back to development and education | < back to all projects Moving Kids – Science4you Problem In pandemic times, the successive confinements to which the children were subjected, was immediately the target of concern by specialists. The deprivation of contexts or activities and the consequent growth experiences resulting from it, promoters and facilitators of its […]

Learning is (a) +

< back to Development and Education e Educação | < back to all projects Learning is (a) + Problem The promotion of non-formal education environments in schools and in the community, based on artistic, playful and creative education initiatives is a pressing need. Research demonstrates that children’s involvement in artistic creation and achievement promotes their […]

Early childhood: Development, Education e Care

< back to development and education | < back to all projects Early childhood: Development, Education e Care Problem Child care centers are important contexts for child development during the first years. Through high-quality educational services, the experiences offered in these contexts can be determinant in preventing or protecting the child from the negative effects of […]

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