ProChild Academy

The ProChild Academy aims to establish itself as a platform for training, development and promotion of scientific knowledge, promoting the training of children and families, professionals, teams and institutions, including the provision of consultancy services, to ensure the well-being and promoting the development of the child.


  • Promote the training of children and families, professionals, teams and institutions ensuring the well-being and development of the child. Innovative programs and strategies will be developed, involving the strategic areas of ProChild CoLAB: Health and Wellness; Development and Education; Social Participation; Protection; Digital Technology and Nanotechnology.

Patrícia Malafaya | ProChild CoLAB (Coord.)
Gabriela Trevisan | ProChild CoLAB

The ProChild Academy consists of a multidisciplinary team of highly qualified trainers in the strategic areas of ProChild CoLAB.

The formative proposals start from the identification of needs, through a collaborative process, in order to respond to the unique challenges of the context and will preferably be generated bottom-up by participants, client/partner entities and/or proposed by ProChild CoLAB teams.

The ProChild Academy provides the following areas of training and consulting services:

  • Catalogue formation
    The catalog formation aims to include all courses/actions identified by the Academy, in the different themes of action, and which are proposed by its Coordination, including also accredited training for teaching and non-teaching staff.
  • Tailored training
    The designated “tailor-made” training corresponds to training made specifically for client and partner entities, based on the survey of their training needs, the expertise and distinctive know-how of ProChild CoLAB in different areas of activity, and training tailored to other potential clients identified by the Academy Coordination.
  • Funded training
    The funding includes applications for national and European funds for training purposes, and may also include all the offer financed by private entities from the survey of training needs.
  • Consulting services
    The consulting services aim to constitute an area of the Academy that responds to expertise and know-how in different areas of activity, and that different client entities and partners request. This may include public policy monitoring and evaluation programs, opinions requested by national and international entities in the areas of operation of ProChild CoLAB, or the production of manuals, books, and other disseminable content.
  • Learning
    This area includes the ProChild Academy’s webinar program, the specific offer of actions for children, for example through the constitution of the Children’s Academy, summer schools, the provision of postgraduate training to ProChild CoLAB employees, and participation in training programs in partnership with other institutions.


ProChild Academy

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