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Kamila Araújo

Psychologist in the Protection area

Kamila Araújo has completed a degree in Psychology (2018) at the Federal University of Amazonas in Brazil and received her Master degree in Clinical Forensic Psychology (2021) at the University of Maia – ISMAI in Portugal.

During her academic career in Brazil, she dedicated to investigate community, legal and health issues, focused on interventions with addictive behaviors among youth population. Her professional trajectory includes internships carried out in the field of justice, aimed at the psychosocial intervention of children and teenagers in conflict with the law, as well as clinical intervention with teenagers in social vulnerability resulting from addictive behaviors. In Portugal, she dedicated her activities to researches and interventions in addictive behavior and their social implications.

Her research interests are in the domains of children’s rights in the interface with justice, so Kamila is doing her Junior Professional Year at ProChild CoLAB to become a full member of the Portuguese Psychologists’ Association.


As a child, I want to be a…

I wanted to be a lawyer, so I could do right for the people.



I like circus arts, so I take aerial silk and aerial hoop classes.

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