Project in collaboration (Fraterna): Healthy Neighborhoods “Palace of imagination”

Healthy Neighborhoods "Palace of imagination"

The Palace of Imagination aims to be a multifunctional and intergenerational public space resulting from community co-creation in the Neighborhood of Emboladoura, Guimarães. Thus, residents, neglected for decades by responsible official institutions, will be able to enhance life in common by cultivating their sense of belonging. By questioning what is a Palace, not as an Object, but as an infinite process, maintaining its extraordinary character, it is intended to become socio-spatial vulnerability, in its transforming movement: so that each “being” and “all” can enlarge the imaginary, and thus transpose the external and self-imposed oppressions.

  • Respond to the needs identified by residents and institutions in the neighborhood, bridging the absence of collective public spaces, including covered spaces that can house the different groups and host various activities promoting healthier lives, through the co-construction of the Palace of Imagination, as a multifunctional community space.
  • Mobilize endogenous resources of the community and recruiting people from the community to carry out work, for example construction; favors the local economy by purchasing materials in companies based in the territory.

Ana Martins (coord.) | Fraterna
Cidália Silva (coord.) | UMinho
Rita Magalhães (coord.) | Fraterna
Rita Miranda (coord.) | Fraterna
Sofia Machado (coord.) | Fraterna

Débora Moura | UMinho
Gabriela Trevisan | ProChild CoLAB
Manuel Sarmento | UMinho
Mariana Carvalho | ProChild CoLAB

Project in collaboration (Fraterna): Healthy Neighborhoods “Palace of imagination”
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