Project in collaboration (Fraterna): Door 7 – E8G

Door 7 - E8G

The project is in line with the mission of the choices program, which aims to combat the main problems identified:  learning difficulties, low self-regulation, emotional, exposure to behaviours that commit the well-being of children and young people and low community and associative participation, in order to respond to specific objectives, promote school integration, positive interpersonal relations, physical and mental well-being and sense the community.

Promote equal opportunities, non-discrimination and civic participation by training cross-cutting skills and developing strategies contributing to school and community integration, promoting health and positive interpersonal relationships, with a view to increasing the social inclusion of children and young people from more vulnerable backgrounds.

Rita Magalhães (coord.) | Porta 7
Rita Miranda (coord.) | Porta 7

Gabriela Trevisan | ProChild CoLAB
Manuel Sarmento | UMinho
Mariana Carvalho | ProChild CoLAB

Project in collaboration (Fraterna): Door 7 – E8G
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