Project collaboration (Coord: CES): Parental burnout during the Covid-19 pandemic

Parental burnout during the Covid-19 pandemic

As a result of COVID-19 pandemic, many parents across the world were suddenly locked-down at home with their children during weeks. For many parents, the quarantine suddenly increased or decreased certain stressors (e.g. increase of homeworking in the presence of young children; decrease of extracurricular activities to manage) and/or increased or decreased certain resources (e.g. increased sharing of parenting tasks with the partner, decrease in the access to outside areas for leisure time). These changes and challenges made quarantine a highly relevant context for deepening knowledge about parental burnout and its consequences in parenting practices.

The objective of this cross-cultural study is to analyze the impact of COVID-19 on parental burnout across the world, increasing the understanding of factors that make it difficult or help mothers and fathers to deal with the stress resulting from the need to reconcile multiple tasks in situations of confinement.

International consortium composed by 40 countries

Isabelle Roskam (coord.) | ULouvain, Belgium
Moïra Mikolajczak (coord.) | ULouvain, Belgium
Filomena Gaspar (coord.) | CES, FP-UCoimbra
Anne Marie Fontaine (coord.) | FP-UPorto

Helena Grangeia | ProChild CoLAB
Marlene Sousa | ProChild CoLAB

Project collaboration (Coord: CES): Parental burnout during the Covid-19 pandemic
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