Moving Kids – Science4you

Moving Kids – Science4you

In pandemic times, the successive confinements to which the children were subjected, was immediately the target of concern by specialists. The deprivation of contexts or activities and the consequent growth experiences resulting from it, promoters and facilitators of its development, justified the development of strategies based on scientific evidence capable of mitigating the harmful effects resulting from this. It is a transversal project of the Social Participation and Development and Education R&D&I Units.

Given the different partners involved, the development of this toy has the following aims:

  • Promote children’s imagination and creativity.
  • Foster thinking/designing and the ability to realize ideas.
  • Promote competencies for the analysis of the collective and public space.
  • Give the child the voice and value his gaze on the environment around him.
  • Stimulate the construction and handling of different materials.
  • Stimulate problem-solving capacity.
  • Promote interaction with others in the elaboration and implementation of collective and/or personalized games.

Inês Guedes de Oliveira (coord.) | UAveiro
Teresa Freire (coord.) | UMinho

Alice Martins | Science4you
Ana Justino | ProChild CoLAB
Daniela Vieira | Science4you
Gabriela Trevisan | ProChild CoLAB
Inês Martins | Science4you
Isabel Soares | UMinho
Joana Lemos | Science4you
Manuel Sarmento | UMinho
Marcos Rebelo | Science4you
Mariana Carvalho | ProChild CoLAB
Miguel Pina Martins | Science4you
Patrícia Ferreira | Câmara Municipal de Guimarães
Pedro Seromenho | Escritor infantojuvenil

Moving Kids – Science4you
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