Integrated Model of Family Foster Care

Integrated Model of Family Foster Care

The paradigm of out-of-home care for at-risk child in Portugal is yet strongly anchored in residential settings, in which care is provided by professionals. This response does not privilege the right of the child to grow and develop in a family context, with individualized care and affection that and promoter of the construction of ties. Since 2015, Residential Care has been the preferred placement measure for children up to 6 years of age and its implementation is now starting at national level, and there are still no clear and scientifically supported guidelines for its implementation.

To develop, implement and evaluate an integrated model of family foster care, that is aligned with the legislation, as well as replicable and sustainable at the national level.

Leonor Bettencourt | ProChild CoLAB (Coord.)

Isabel Gomes (superv.) | SCML
Isabel Narciso (superv.) | FP-UL
Isabel Pastor (superv.) | SCML
Isabel Soares (superv.) | UMinho
Margarida Rangel (superv.) | UPorto
Rui Godinho (superv.) | SCML

Diogo Soares | ProChild CoLAB
Helena Grangeia | ProChild CoLAB
Joana Carvalho | ProChild CoLAB
Mariana Barata | ProChild CoLAB
Mariana Fernandes | ProChild CoLAB
Stephanie Alves | ProChild CoLAB

Ana Gaspar & Equipa UAACAF | SCML
Ana Polido & Equipa UIF | SCML
Rosa Castro | SCML
Jorge Neo Costa | Equipa de Apoio Técnico ao Tribunal de Lisboa (EATTL)
Elementos CPCJ/SCML
Joana Baptista | ISCTE
Mariana Negrão | Universidade Católica do Porto
Mestranda (Mariana Negrão) | Universidade Católica do Porto

Integrated Model of Family Foster Care
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