CoAction Against COVID-19

CoAction Against COVID-19

Screening, evaluation and intervention in children's mental health problems in the pandemic context

Children stand out as a risk group regarding the adverse effects on mental health resulting from COVID-19, increasing the risk or aggravating existing situations of lack of protection in socioeconomic, family or foster care dimensions. It has already been shown that loss, fear and stress, strongly associated with COVID-19, aggravate existing mental health problems and contribute to a higher incidence of anxiety and stress-related disorders.

To respond to the expected increase in mental health problems in children during the COVID-19 pandemic, this community intervention project aims to:

  1. Screen and assess mental health problems in children from 3-10 years that are attending public schools in the municipality of Guimarães;
  2. Specialized, individualized and free psychological intervention for those children that present mental health problems.

Adelina Pinto | Municipality of Guimarães (coord.)
Adriana Sampaio | UMinho (coord.)
Bárbara Figueiredo | UMinho (coord.)
Isabel Soares | UMinho (coord.)
Marlene Sousa | ProChild CoLAB (coord.)

Alexandra Ribeiro | ProChild CoLAB
Ana Isabel Pereira | ULisboa
Andrea Cruz | ProChild CoLAB
Carlos Moreira | Lusoinfo Multimédia
Daniel Dias | ProChild CoLAB
Elisabete Ramos | UPorto
Fábio Teixeira | ProChild CoLAB
Filomena Gaspar | UCoimbra
Helena Grangeia | ProChild CoLAB
Jaime Pereira | ProChild CoLAB
Margarida Rangel Henriques | UPorto
Maria João Seabra | UCoimbra
Marlene Matos | UMinho
Manuel Sarmento | UMinho
Patrícia Ferreira | Municipality of Guimarães
Teresa Freire | UMinho
Team of scholarship students/Summer with Science
Team of research fellows associated with CIPsi
Team of psychologists in junior professional year associated with APsi-UMinho
Team of mediators of the Municipality of Guimarães
Team of school psychologists associated with Municipality of Guimarães

CoAction Against COVID-19
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