CoAction Against COVID-19

CoAction Against COVID-19

Screening, evaluation and intervention in children's mental health problems in the pandemic context

  • Promote the well-being and resilience of children during and after the pandemic, through online screening, assessment and psychological intervention of all children between 3 and 10 years old from the public-school system of the Municipality of Guimarães (approximately 6200 children).

The 2nd edition of the project (2021/2022) is currently ongoing. This edition was awarded with the 2nd place of the REN AGIR AWARD 2021.

How to participate (PT)

Adelina Pinto | Municipality of Guimarães (coord.)
Adriana Sampaio | UMinho (coord.)
Bárbara Figueiredo | UMinho (coord.)
Isabel Soares | UMinho (coord.)
Marlene Sousa | ProChild CoLAB (coord.)

Alexandra Ribeiro | ProChild CoLAB
Ana Isabel Pereira | ULisboa
Andrea Cruz | ProChild CoLAB
Carlos Moreira | Lusoinfo Multimédia
Daniel Dias | ProChild CoLAB
Elisabete Ramos | UPorto
Fábio Teixeira | ProChild CoLAB
Filomena Gaspar | UCoimbra
Helena Grangeia | ProChild CoLAB
Jaime Pereira | ProChild CoLAB
Margarida Rangel Henriques | UPorto
Maria João Seabra | UCoimbra
Marlene Matos | UMinho
Manuel Sarmento | UMinho
Patrícia Ferreira | Municipality of Guimarães
Teresa Freire | UMinho
Team of scholarship students/Summer with Science
Team of research fellows associated with CIPsi
Team of psychologists in junior professional year associated with APsi-UMinho
Team of mediators of the Municipality of Guimarães
Team of school psychologists associated with Municipality of Guimarães

CoAction Against COVID-19
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