Child & Pandemic

Child & Pandemic

  • Analyze the impact of adverse conditions associated with Covid-19 on the functioning of families and children;
  • Explore which family, relational and social factors moderate the relationship between adverse experiences associated with Covid-19 and the functioning of children;
  • To investigate which are the pandemic, family, relational and social factors that are specifically associated with different types of abuse in the group of children with intervention of child protection services.

Isabel Soares | UMINHO


Marlene Sousa | ProChild CoLAB

Maria Fernanda Almeida | CNPDPCJ

Ana Mesquita | UMINHO

Beatriz Perry | UMINHO

Daniel Dias | ProChild CoLAB

Gabriela Silvestrini | UMINHO

Helena Grangeia | ProChild CoLAB

Joana Baptista | ISCTE

Leonor Bettencourt Rodrigues | ProChild CoLAB

Marlene Matos | UMINHO

Paula Castiajo | UMINHO

Child & Pandemic
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