Big Data Repository (ProChild Platform)

Big Data Repository

(ProChild Platform)

In Portugal, there is a large amount of data related to children, however they are spread across several institutions and there is no reference model for data interoperability. Furthermore, there is a lack of a complete and integrated data collection system on the reality of children that integrates data from various institutions, allowing the transformation of large amounts of data into useful information, in order to provide effective and efficient support for decision-making.

Given the above problem, the objectives are centered on the use of Big Data technology allowing the collection, integration, storage and processing of large amounts of data that are dispersed over several entities, as well as the development of an interoperability reference model data on Poverty and Social Exclusion in Children.

Ana Lima (coord.) | CCG
Maribel Santos (coord.) | UMinho

Alexandra Ribeiro | ProChild CoLAB
Daniel Dias | ProChild CoLAB
Fábio Teixeira | ProChild CoLAB
Jaime Pereira | ProChild CoLAB

Big Data Repository (ProChild Platform)
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