The Collaborative Laboratory ProChild CoLAB against Poverty and Social Exclusion is a research institution aiming to develop a national strategy against child poverty and social exclusion, framed in a transdisciplinary and multi-level scientific approach, articulating the public and private sectors, linking academics and professionals in the field, and actively contributing to public policies based on scientific evidence.

ProChild CoLAB seeks to promote an effective social change in Portugal by placing children at the center of research and innovation through an articulated intersectorial collaboration around evidence-based and technology-supported social intervention programs. Thus, ProChild CoLAB proposes an integrated, articulated and scientific-based intervention, with clear metrics for the evaluation of the implementation and results, in order to foster public policies based on scientific evidence.

The alliance between the social intervention and the technological innovation will allow a more efficient data collection and data analysis, and  it will also impact the way in which information can be disseminated, and further used for tailored programs and other actions fittings children, families, professionals and stakeholders needs.

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