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Mariana Fernandes

Master’s Degree in Social and Human Sciences

Mariana completed her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology, at the Faculty of Psychology, University of Lisbon (FPUL), in 2014. The Master’s Dissertation, in ​​pediatric oncology, focused on coping narratives of fathers of children with leukemia. Mariana completed her Internship for the Order of Psychologists (OPP) working at the FPUL’s Psychology Service, in 2015-16. Additionally, she collaborated on a research project about parenting and at-risk children. In 2017, Mariana joined the Research Center for Psychological Science at the University of Lisbon (CICPSI) as a PhD student in Family Psychology. Specifically, in the area of ​​risk parenting within socially and economically disadvantaged contexts. Mariana participated in scientific papers and in communications at national and international Congresses, which consolidated her academic experience. During this period, since the internship for OPP, Mariana maintained her collaboration at the FPUL’s Psychology Service, namely in the assessment of parental skills in family preservation and reunification processes. In 2018-19, Mariana worked as a psychologist at Residential Care. Mariana has been working as a researcher at ProChild CoLAB since December 2019.


As a child, I want to be a…

I wanted to be a primary school teacher, a hairdresser, a doctor, a ballerina and a florist!



I love going to the beach, walking along the river, going to the theater and cinema and staying on the couch watching series and eating popcorns.

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