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Inês Rocha

Administrative management

Inês Rocha has a Bachelor degree in Management from School of Economics and Management of the University of Porto (FEP), since 2020. During her Bachelor, she had the opportunity to study at the School of Economics and Business of the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), in the Erasmus+ program, for one semester. She also had a part time job giving educational support. Previously, she attended secondary school at Instituto Nun’Alvres, with connection and support to the Jesuit’s Pastoral.

She chose ProChild CoLAB to do her professional internship, in 2021. Currently she collaborates in the areas of administrative and financial management, human resources and project management support. In this same year, she began her Master Degree in Social Economics at the University of Minho.

Alongside her academic and professional career, she was and is involved in several volunteer projects, highlighting her active and passionate participation in the in the Portuguese Catholic Scouts Association (CNE). Additionally, she attended artistic education, both in music (flute) and classical and contemporary ballet, examined by international academies.


As a child, I want to be a…

When I was a child I wanted to be a ballerina.


I can easily replace my comfy home with a backpack, a tent and outdoor walks.



I like to explore my artistic side through DIY projects, music, dance and acting.

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