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Helena Grangeia

Project Development on Child Protection / PhD

Helena Grangeia is a psychologist with a specialty in Health and Clinical Psychology and in Psychology of Justice recognized by the Portuguese Order of Psychologists. She has a PhD in Psychology in the Specialty of Psychology of Justice from the University of Minho, with the thesis entitled “Stalking among young adults: from seduction to persistent harassment” (2013). She currently works at Collaborative Laboratory ProChild CoLAB against Poverty and Social Exclusion, where she develops, evaluates, and implements projects within the child protection axis. She is also a professor in higher education, where she collaborates mainly in the Master in Forensic Clinical Psychology of the University Institute of Maia. Her action and research interests are in the domains of critical victimology, protection of children’s rights in the interface with justice, models of risk assessment, domestic violence and parental conflict, and technology-based interpersonal victimization.


As a child, I wanted to be a…

As a child I wanted to be a journalist, since this activity could allow me to know and raise awareness of perspectives, stories and contexts and act against social injustices. Later, it was this same motivation that led me to focus my professional career on action research projects.

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