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Gabriela Trevisan

PHD for the development of projects in the axes of Education and Social Participation, Citizenship and Gender Equality
Social participation

Gabriela de Pina Trevisan. Phd in Childood Studies Studies, specializing in Sociology of Childhood from the University of Minho. As part of her doctoral work, she carried out her research in co-supervision with Professor Pia Christensen, from the University of Warwick. She holds a Master’s in Sociology of Childhood and a degree in Sociology of Organizations from the same institution. Before assuming the position of Associate Professor, she was a sociocultural animator at the Foundation for the Development of Vale de Campanhã, from 1998-2001, where she developed, as a sociologist, intervention projects with children and young people and mothers, in a context of poverty and social vulnerability. He did a postgraduate degree in Educational Sciences at FPCE-UP where he worked with young people from Ginasiano in research on artistic expression and community intervention. From 2001 to 2019 she was Associate Professor at ESEPF (degree in Social Education and Master in Community Intervention, and taught curricular units in teacher training courses). She has been a member of ProChild CoLAB since 2019. She is co-coordinator of the Thematic Section of Sociology of Childhood of the Portuguese Association of Sociology and member of the Research Network 04 of the European Sociological Association. She has collaborated with different scientific journals as a reviewer. She is a certified trainer by the IEFP and accredited as a trainer by the CTCFP of Braga, for training teachers and kindergarten teachers. Research and intervention interests focus on the sociology of childhood, child citizenship and children’s political action, child poverty and public policies and children/territory/cities.


Motivation to join the ProChild CoLAB

My personal motivation to join the ProChild CoLAB was the will to participate in a project that has, at its core, my main research and intervention areas and the ability to conduct work directly related to my training and interests.

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