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Fábio Teixeira

Master for project development in information technology area with data specialization
Digital technology

Fábio Teixeira was born in Guimarães, Portugal. Currently, he is a Data / Software Engineer at ProChild CoLAB – Collaborative Laboratory against Poverty and Social Exclusion in Children, since July 2020.

He is a Master in Engineering and Management of Information Systems at the University of Minho and currently is attending the Doctoral Program in Information Systems and Technologies at the University of Minho.

He has professional experience as a Trainer, Information Systems Technician (Business Intelligence and Stock Management) and Data / Software Engineer.

In addition to advanced Excel Trainer, intermediate Access and stock manager, he was involved in several technological projects in the data area (e.g., transport, automotive and textile industry), as well as software (e.g., CoAction Project implemented in the city of Guimarães).

Currently, he is focused on technological development and innovation in the area of Poverty and Social Exclusion in Children.

During his professional career, he acquired skills in several technologies (Visual Studio, Talend DQ, Talend DI; SQL Server, Power BI, MongoDB, NodeJS, .NET core, postman and swagger).

His current interests are focused on Information Systems (requirements, software, data, artificial intelligence), with a particular interest in: Business Intelligence, Big Data, Big Data Analytics, Data Visualization, Data Warehousing, Data Modeling and Data Integration.



Childhood memories: many bruises on the legs and arms, many pirouettes on a BMX bike and also changing a lot of tires for big drifts!

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