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Diogo Soares

Master for project to development in prevention and intervention area

With a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree in Family Psychology, his Master’s dissertation was focused on “Paternity and generativity in the transition to parenthood”.

He is currently finishing his certification with the Portuguese Society of Family Therapy, in Porto. His professional experience has been influenced by his focus in multi problematic family environments and the promotion and protection of children and young people at risk. With an international internship in Guadalajara, Mexico, with street children, prostitution and drug trafficking. After this internship, he worked as a psychologist for four years at ART, a Therapeutic Community for Adolescents in Intervention in Addictive Behaviours. For this, other than the individual and group intervention, he made several presentations in congresses and seminars.

Over the past last two years, he collaborated in a Project for the Intermunicipal Community Tâmega e Sousa, connected to the City of Penafiel, in a multidisciplinary team focused in Preventing and Combating School Failure with special focus in prevention, in preschool context. From 2017, and until starting this challenge at Prochild, he was working as a Clinical Psychologist at the Arrifana de Sousa Hospital and Medical Clinic. He also worked, in 2020, with the “Centro de Psicologia do Trauma e do Luto”, doing private consultations with adolescents.



Mountain Biking, Trailing, Reading, Blogging, Travelling.



He did volunteering work in Mozambique and Mexico, and is a Member of the Rotary Club Penafiel.

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