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Andreia Carvalho

Master’s in Psychology – Education Project at Toddler Childcare
Development and education

Degree in Psychology from the College of Minho, with a Master’s in Clinical and Health Psychology from the Psychology and Educational Sciences of the College of Porto and with a degree of Specialist in Clinical and Health Psychology and Advanced Specialty in Psychology of Justice, both bestowed by the Order of Portuguese Psychologists. With relevant professional experience, as a psychologist, in the field of clinical assessment and intervention in childhood, with a highlight on the expertise at a multidisciplinary intervention and collaborative work with educational and community agents in contexts of risk and social vulnerability. She collaborated with the research team at Webs of Meaning coordinated by Professor Margarida Rangel Henriques from the Psychology Center of the College of Porto, integrating the research team of the System of Protection and Children’s Rights, being part of the elaboration of projects for financing and development of ongoing projects.


As a child, I want to be a…




Being with friends, read and listen to music.


Motivation to join the ProChild CoLAB

Knowing that, at this organization, I would learn a lot and evolve at a professional and personal level. Also, for the rigor and excellence of the work developed here.

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