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Ciência Vitae: 6E19-8F20-D1BA

Ana Justino

Executive director | Management and Administration

With an ESTJ Myers Briggs personality type, Ana walks the talk while is able to combine critical thinking with a detail-oriented focused approach, triggered by a sense of ownership, drive for results, and challenging the status-quo mindset.

In her professional career, highlight goes to more than 10 years of experience in biotech/ pharma product development and project management. Business oriented with effective delivery of projects to clients’ needs, is extremely versatile with proven track-record in leading international teams in matrix systems.

She is currently Executive Director at ProChild CoLAB, but before she was Regulatory Affairs Manager at BIAL (Porto, Portugal) and Team Lead & Line Manager at Oxford BioMedica (Oxford, UK), where later she became an Analytical Consultant while doing an Executive MBA.

Before, she joined QIANGEN (Manchester, UK) as a Scientist, and in less than 1 year was promoted to a Senior role, supervising a team of +10 scientists. Her international experience instigated her ability to deal effectively with multicultural and multidisciplinary groups of people.

But there’s also a B-side in Ana’s career path. Ana views herself as a person who values her relationship with her family and friends, admitting that these are her pillars. Being an avid reader of beat and classic novels, Ana is also a traveller, dog lover, insect eater and wannabe (one day she says) a good cook. In her spare time, she also enjoys doing non-profit work, as a volunteer.



  • Beat and classic novel reader, traveller, dog lover, insect eater and wannabe (one day) a good cook.
  • Finds nothing better than gathering Family & Friends for good food, good wine and silly conversations.



  • Former Artistic roller-skating coach and federated athlete.
  • Transverse flute player.
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